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After gaining valuable experience serving his community Mason Kerns decided to launch his own firm. Mr. Kerns cut his teeth representing the indigent accused of Miami-Dade County in the Eleventh Judicial Circuit courts.

It was as a Miami public defender that Mr. Kerns learned to win cases by devastating opposing witnesses—police, alleged victims, eyewitnesses, experts—through blistering cross examination. Mr. Kerns also earned recognition by discovering corrupt police practices and unconstitutional searches and seizures, leading to the suppression of evidence and dismissal of serious charges against his clients prior to trial.

In addition to defending the rights of the accused, Mr. Kerns also has a track record of successfully recovering substantial verdicts on behalf of injured Floridians.

Cruise Ship InjuryMay 11, 2017$3.0m

Cruise Ship InjuryMarch 1, 2017$2.5m

Medical MalpracticeNovember 1, 2017$2.0m

Performance InjuryFebruary 13, 2017$375k

Car AccidentJanuary 18, 2017$190k

Water Slide InjuryAugust 8, 2017$350k

Slip & FallDecember 5, 2017$225k

Boat InjuryDecember 28, 2017$95k

Cruise Ship InjuryDecember 29, 2017$300k

Wage DisputeAugust 16, 2017$85k

Mis-filled PrescriptionJune 9, 2017$130k

Amusement Park InjuryNovember 2, 2017$118k

Slip & FallMarch 3, 2017$105k

Cruise Ship Slip & FallNovember 8, 2017$175k

Car AccidentAugust 18, 2017$165k

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